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I mean really…what was God thinking when he ran those nerves from our brain and spinal cord to our kidneys? Didn’t God think ahead and realize that his human creation was: 1. going to become sedentary and sit in front of a computer or TV for hours a day

2. eat mostly food items from a package or fast food chain and not those created by God and grown from the good earth 3. Lead lives of more and more  face to face social isolation while connecting electronically 4. Spending more than we make and living in a time when our jobs are at risk 5. Stressed to the limits emotionally and financially

Well science has trumped God again. A novel approach to blast away kidney nerves seems to have a striking effect on lowering blood pressure in heart patients whose blood pressure wasn’t budging despite trying multiple drugs, Australian researchers report. Well dumb and dumber are at work. What do you think might happen for at least awhile if you cut the connection cables from brain to kidney! They will decrease their function and so the blood pressure will decrease in someone with hypertension. I wonder what else will decrease in the kidneys functions with those brave and bold human interventions into the wisdom of the body’s biofeedback network?

Although this study only followed patients for a short time — six months — the authors believe the approach, which involves delivering radiofrequency energy to the so-called “sympathetic ” nerves of the kidney, could have an effect on heart disease and even help lower these patients’ risk of death.

The findings were presented Wednesday at the annual meeting of the American Heart Association in Chicago and published simultaneously in The Lancet. The study was funded by Ardian, the company that makes the catheter device used in the procedure.

By the way God was not consulted as to his opinion in this new radio wave blasting of the nerves to the kidneys. But as usual the long term results of this barbaric procedure will be discovered over time to not be in the best interests of those whose kidneys have been altered and cut off from nerve communications.

How about doing a short term study on First Line Therapy which is lifestyle modifications that first do no harm and should be the First choice. If you want to use electricity for the kidneys there is a safe choice and it is called FSM Frequency Specific Microcurrent and it follows the Hippocratic oath…First do no harm!

Dr Dana Q. Pletcher

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