NOTICE: Spring is Finally arriving. If you survived this brutal Winter we are Looking forward to helping you on your journey to a healthier you!


By the way, now is the perfect time to schedule your Spring Seasonal Acupuncture!

Asthma and FSM Frequecy Specific Microcurrent

Rick a 32 year old young guy came into our clinic a year ago suffering from exercise induced asthma and allergies. He was an aspiring triathlete and I was amazed by his tenacity to stretch himself beyond the wheezing breathing of asthma when he ran, biked or swam.

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Discs Doggies and FSM Microcurrent

Now normally I don’t treat dogs or any other animals for that matter, but this doggie was different as it is the family pet of my son Bryan. This little furry white lapdog named Frankie was in pain and didn’t want to walk or even eat.

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