NOTICE: Fall is almost here! Hope you had a good Summer and we are Looking forward to helping you on your journey to a healthier you with an Amazing Autumn with your Seasonal Fall Acupuncture!


By the way, now is the perfect time to schedule your Fall Seasonal Acupuncture!

Drinking Poo Water...

Can you picture yourself being extremely thirsty? Craving the rush of water into your mouth so mightily as if you were in Death Valley in the heat of the day without any water to drink. So parched that you would reach into the effluent of the sewage treatment plant or your septic system and squeeze the water from the goo/poo and pour it past your lips into your mouth?

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Nattokinase gets post stroke man back to work

Nattokinase in my opinion and experience is safer and more effective than drugs such as Coumadin for promoting healthy circulation. This was made evident for me once more this week when one of my patients who suffered a stroke last year remarked,”Since taking the Nattokinase you recommended, I have felt better than I have ever felt since having my stroke.”

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