The best way I can describe the relationship of the spinal bones/vertebra is your homes electrical system. If you are working at night on the computer or watching TV and suddenly everything goes black…hmmm…you look out the window at the neighbors house and their lights are on so you figure not an electrical outage...

Next you look in the living room and the lights are on there so no even the whole house is affected. So your next step is to go the that electrical box in your basement/utility room or sometimes in a closet and your open it up and look at all of those black buttons to see which one is out of alignment. You then click/move/adjust that button back into alignment with the others and then rush back to your computer and…miracle of wonders it is now working again when you turn it back on.
Well you have just read a paraphrased analogy of how the spine and nerves work when we make a chiropractic spinal adjustment. Do you remember how many bones you have in the spine? Don’t feel badly if you don’t as it was not made very important during your school years no matter your major or classes. Here is a hint which will help you forever remember the number of bones in your spine. Do you remember how many letters are in the alphabet A to Z? That’s right it is 26 and that is the same as our spine…26 spinal circuit breakers.

When there is trouble in your body like neck/arm pain or low back leg pain and you bring your body to a Chiropractor, we look for the bone/circuit breaker in yoir spine that is out of alignment. We then click/adjust that vertebra/circuit breaker back into alignment and the nerve now conducts the electrical messages to its specific destination in your body. The nerve could be the first one in your neck which also affects all of the blood vessels in your body and is why it has been proven thru research at the University of Illinois to decrease blood pressure as good or better than 1 or 2 different drugs for blood pressure. That nerve from the first vertebra/circuit breaker also supplies nerve energy to the entire gastrointestinal tract and is why for over a hundred years chiropractors have been helping people with acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome and such.

So when you or your child are having a health challenge remember to consider checking the circuit breaker box at your chiropractor’s office.

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