Now normally I don’t treat dogs or any other animals for that matter, but this doggie was different as it is the family pet of my son Bryan. This little furry white lapdog named Frankie was in pain and didn’t want to walk or even eat.

Frankie could no longer jump up on the couch or get down from it if he was placed there by Brandi, Bryan or my granddaughters Zoie or Hannah. The real animal doctor called a veterinarian diagnosed Frankie with a herniated disc in the lower spine/back. These disc problems are also called bulging discs or slipped discs. The Vet only offered an anti-inflammatory drug which didn’t help at all or surgery or put the little guy to sleep. This is when I get my FSM hat and put it on. We attached the positive leads from the FSM microcurrent machine to a damp towel and wrapped it around the little dog’s lower back and placed the negative leads on the tummy with another damp towel. Using one of our original Blue Box FSM microcurrent machines we selected the frequencies for inflammation on channel A and the frequencies for the spinal discs on channel B. After the first treatment Frankie walked without a limp and no yelping, so we decided this was a positive response. After a few more treatments over the next 2 weeks Frankie could run, jump and play like his former happy doggy self. So the moral of this story is that FSM Microcurrent works whether you believe in it or not and whether or not you understand it or not. Frankie is just one happy dog and thankful that his family knows, believes, understands and uses FSM Microcurrent to help heal doggy discs just like human discs.

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