As Dr. Watkin prepares to go on vacation to Orlando, Florida with his lovely wife Coralee and his 2 beautiful girls in a couple of days I think…Would he or you take your family to Japan and visit the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant? Well getting an unnecessary CT scan is like a visit to Fukushima’s damaged nuclear reactor in Japan.

The amount of radiation is about 15 millisieverts for each regular CT scan and the same for a family outing at Fukushima. For a stent to be placed in a heart artery the amount of CT radiation is 57 millisieverts or almost 4 vacations to Fukushima. An accumulated exposure to 100 millisieverts is known to cause cancer. In fact we are overusing CT scans so much that it is estimated to cause 29000 cases of cancer per year and resulting in 14,500 deaths which happens to be the same number of deaths from ovarian cancer per year. Put in another perspective according to a study led by Dr. Rebecca Smith-Bindman, a radiologist at the University of California at San Francisco a single CT scan can deliver about the same radiation dose that survivors of the atomic bomb blasts in Japan at Nagasaki and Hiroshima were exposed to at the end of World War II.

Kids are too often exposed to the same amount of radiation in a CT scan used for an adult and that means a young child can be exposed to 100 millisieverts for a CT scan of the head. Didn’t I just cite above that 100 millisieverts is known to cause cancer?

Perhaps this is why the latest issue of Pediatrics concludes that many children with head injuries may in fact not need CT scans. 50% of children who go to the ER in a hospital after a head injury will get a CT scan and these scans don’t help doctors discover minor injuries any better than just examining and then observing the child. Also the most common problem resulting from a head injury is a concussion which cannot be detected or diagnosed with a CT scan.

Now my next question is…does a CT scan help a child or adult recover from a concussion or minor head injury? No, of course not. So why not observe the child or adult with a head injury and only CT scan those with serious injuries where we suspect a bleed into the brain?

Then why not also treat all those with head injuries and concussions with FSM Frequency Specific Microcurrent? Can’t hurt and certainly has proven to help time and again here in Lake County and Libertyville as well as clinics of our colleagues who use FSM all around the world. As a Father of 3 and  Papa of 9 grandchildren I certainly have treated a number of them with FSM Microcurrent and avoided the vicarious trip to Fukashima via unnecessary CT scans.

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