Yesterday after coming back from a walk at lunch (trying to get some Vitamin D), I received a phone call from my 8 year old daughters school telling me that they had my daughter in the Nurse’s office after being pushed outside at recess.  Apparently she was pushed from behind and fell forward.

 While falling she put her right hand out and caught herself on a bench with all of her weight going on the backside of her hand.  She had pain immediately and was taken to the Nurse by one of the playground attendants.  The Nurse put ice on her wrist and told me that it was swollen but didn’t have any bruising but that my daughter didn’t want to move her wrist as it caused her alot of pain.  My wife immediately left to go pick my daughter up and bring her back to the office for an evaluation.

When she arrived at the office in Libertyville, examination revealed that it was certainly inflamed and hot to the touch even though she had been icing since the incident.  I did x-rays and the films showed no bony abnormality or fracture indicating that it was a soft tissue injury.  I ran the Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) New Injury protocol to aid in the inflammatory response caused by a new injury or trauma.  Before treatment my daughter said it really hurt to move her wrist which is expected since the ligaments, tendons, and muscles were significantly stretched by catching her entire weight on a hyper-flexed hand.  After the initial treatment was done I had her attempt to move her wrist and she told me that it was slightly better.  My wife took her home after I placed an Ace bandage on her just to keep her from moving it too much.

When I got home from work, my daughter showed me that she could move her wrist a little more and told me that our family dog Oatmeal licked her sore hand.  After dinner, I ran the Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) Muscle, Ligament, Tendon and Bursa injury due to trauma protocol.  When the treatment was finished I had her move her wrist through some range of motion and the pain level was significantly decreased from earlier in the afternoon.  I didn’t want her to strain the tendons or ligaments while sleeping so I wrapped her wrist again in an Ace bandage for support and said good night to her.

This morning when she woke up, she couldn’t believe how much better her wrist had gotten.  The only pain she had was when moving to the very end of her range of motion.  She was very excited and told me that it was magic (she has been reading the Harry Potter books), she also said that it must have been our dog Oatmeal that did the magic by licking her hand.  I am no Harry Potter, and neither is our dog Oatmeal but their is something magical about Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM).  I can’t wait to check in with her after school today to see how much better her wrist is.  I will run another treatment for her tonight but my daughter has certainly avoided what could have been a long drawn out painful recovery by getting treated immediately.

Parents, if you or your kids have a trauma, please consider coming to HealthQuest Longevity Center in Libertyville, IL for a speedy, natural recovery.

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