What’s better than cranberry juice and way better than constant antibiotics for chronic bladder infection or interstitial cystitis? A combo of FSM Frequency Specific Microcurrent, acupuncture, D-mannose nutritional supplement and chiropractic spinal adjustments to the pelvis/lower back for the nerves to the bladder is what’s way better.

Yes it is most commonly found in the females of our human species due to their anatomy of a shorter urethra and the absence of a prostate gland. Over the past years I have seen many of these women with this painful and lingering condition. In fact most traditional medical doctors consider this a chronic condition that needs constant antibiotics for the rest of the persons life. Of course we know the pitfalls and downside of antibiotic overuse including antibiotic resistant bacteria, yeast infections, sensitivity and allergic drug reactions etc.

So what is the downside or the adverse reactions to the natural treatment plan mentioned above? Nada, zip, zero is the downside. Sure might help and sure won’t harm. Sounds a lot like the oath from Hippocrates that each of us as Doctors take upon our graduation whether it is chiropractic or medical school. Even the tests that are sometimes given can be downright invasive and create more problems. An example of this is one of my female patients who was coerced by a urologist to have water forced into her bladder to measure it’s capacity and also then to insert the scope into her bladder to have a look see! Well it seems that the doctors tools were not sterilized and she ended up with the worst infection this specialist/urologist had ever seen. This woman rightly then ran as fast as she could the other direction from the doctor who had twisted her arm to poke her bladder. With a combination of the right antibiotic prescribed by a more reasonable urologist and the seeing myself for the FSM Frequency Specific Microcurrent and specific chiropractic spinal adjustment for the nerves to the bladder she is now recovered with a happy bladder. So if you have been diagnosed with interstitial cystitis you now have been given a new and better alternative to bring your bladder back to a healthy state.

Dr. Dana Q. Pletcher

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