I recently have been taking care of the Maroscher Powerlifting Team out of Gurnee, IL. They workout at the Monster Garage Gym which is owned by Eric Maroscher, 2-Time WPC Powerlifting Champion and Phillip Daniels of the NFL’s Washington Redskins.

I have had the opportunity to watch these guys train and even have joined them in workouts.
I am amazed at the training process and wondered if I could help them with their workouts. In my brain, I surmised that if their spine was in proper alignment that the nerve signals coming from their brain, down the spinal cord, through the bony structures to their muscles would flow effortlessly allowing them to lift more weight. I put my thought to the test. I have been at the gym for almost 8 weeks treating them now and the results are pretty amazing.

The process was this, the guys would do their normal lifts and just before approaching a maximum weight I would treat them using Chiropractic manipulation. Most of the guys would comment that they felt looser, more mobile and ready to lift. Upon question the Powerlifters the consensus was that it was definitely helping them lift more.

How is this possible?

The explanation is this. After lifting heavy weights for a few hours the way these guys do there is a compression that occurs on the spinal column. These compressive forces alter the nerve signal that leaves the spinal column on its way to tell the muscle to contract. A minor interference in this nerve can prevent the muscle from contracting with all of its fibers. By manipulating the spine and allowing the nerve signal to get to the entire muscle it has the best opportunity to contract maximally.

Chiropractic manipulation CAN make you stronger. This is why alot of professional sports teams and athletes see chiropractors regularly. I must admit, it sure is fun to be part of helping an athlete achieve his ultimate goal of performing at his/her best. To take a line from 2-time WPC Powerlifting Champion, it is great to be part of something BIGGER!!!

Dr. Jeff

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