A phone call from a frantic mother today regarding her 16 year old daughter’s low back pain motivated me to blog about the bulge. The mother had taken her daughter to a local orthopedic surgeon who first took x-rays and saw nothing abnormal and ordered 4 weeks of physical therapy.

The daughter felt progressively worse with increased low back pain with the PT. At this point the surgeon ordered an MRI of the lumbar spine. Today mom and daughter were expecting to hear the doctor’s report as nothing found once more. They were shocked when the Orthopedic guy told them that this 16 year old girl has a bulging disc in her lumbar spine. Of course he rightly told them that it is not advisable to do surgery on a 16 year old spine and that physical therapy would not help a slipped disc. His solution was one of doing nothing and stopping her budding aspirations to become a star in the growing sport of competitive cheerleading. His plan was to stop all tumbling, cheer practice, competitions and other physical activities that would be normal for a teenage girl. Hopefully the pain would eventually recede but her cheer career was over.

Hence the call to me today as the mother and daughter had both been patients of mine in the past. The question on their minds was…is there anything that chiropractic could do for a disc problem in the low back of a teenager. My answer was absolutely there are procedures that are safe and effective that I have used with many others and resolved the pain in the low back caused by a bulging/slipped disc.

The treatment I outline to her was flexion distraction or decompression of the lumbar spine and discs using a special table and technique called the Cox Technique. This was developed by a chiropractic low back specialist, Dr. Cox of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Along with the manual decompression treatments I recommended FSM Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy using the frequencies for the spinal disc and those for inflammation. This combo of Chiropractic spinal decompression and the healing FSM frequencies have proven time and again to assist the body in the healing of bulging discs in the spine. Over the next 2 to 3 months I expect the pain to resolve and within 18 to 24 months the disc bulge should be reabsorbed and gone. A teenage girl will have her life back along with a backbone without pain.

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